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  • How do I apply to get the IBOI Diplomate?
    You need to send us a proof of completion of 200 CE in the field of Oral Implantology for the General Dentists, or 100 CE for any certified Specialist (Submitted CE hours should be recognized and accepted by the Board of Directors)
  • Can I collect 200 CE from different short courses?
    Unfortunatly, you need to have at least a one year curriculum of total 200 CE to apply for Part 1 Written Exam
  • I am a GBOI certified, do I have any privilage?"
    If you are GBOI certified, you will be exempted from Part 1 Written Examination and you will be eligible to enter Part 2 Oral Examination if you submit the clinical cases requirment of Part 2 Oral Examination.
  • What is the requirement for Part 2 Oral Examination?
    50 Documented Cases is required for the General Practitioner and 25 Documented Cases for the Specialist, each case will get 10 points if performed under supervision. The Applicant performs an Oral Implantology surgery in one of his or her patients under the supervision of an IBOI board of directors. You will be required to submit only TEN (10) cases that should be Fully Documented in (IBOI Case Submission Template downloaded from in all.
  • I don't have enough cases for the requirments, what is my status?"
    You can do the Part 1 Written Examination and you have 3 years validity to do Part 2 Oral Examination. but you can get the status of Fellowship in Oral Implantology from IBOI if you pass the Part 1 Written Examination.
  • Do I need to attend the Comprehensive Board Review Module if I have One Year Curriculum and Experience in Oral Implantology?
    Yes, attending the Comperensive Board Review Module is Mandatory to complete the steps of registration for IBOI Diplomate.
  • What if could not find clinical cases for the requirments?
    You can do your cases by arranging it with one of our IBOI recognized clinics
  • Due to covid-19 traveling restriction, can I do all the steps online?"
    Yes, all the steps are available online.
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